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Integrative Medicine Consultation

This type of consultation gives you a new choice for health and wellness, approaching the energetic, emotional, and physical components of your being. To assess your current state of health, we will review your complete health questionnaire and any lab and diagnostic tests you may have. We will then, discuss the findings, possible causes of your complaints, any underlying problems that need to be addressed, and the need for any additional diagnostic tests. 


The steps to improving your health and the reasoning behind them will be explored. The type and duration of the treatment will depend on your condition and overall goals. These types of therapeutic tools won't interfere with any ongoing medical treatment. 


The power of this type of holistic consultation lies in the fact that healing works best when you take an active role in the process, and of having the support (personal coaching) of a qualified and experienced medical doctor.


If you are looking for a check-up or wellness visit, or if you suffer from any current physical and psychological condition, this type of consultation is for you.  

"My session with Dr. Maria was extraordinary and extremely powerful. I was touched by her care, humility, purity, and absolute integrity with which she conducted the session. The answers and insights I was given resonated so full of truth, vibrating within me as if I had yearned to hear them for a long time.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have a session with her, and can only give her my highest praise! I recommend it highly!" 


Healing the root with the Akashic Records Consultation

Working with the Akashic records for healing and problem resolutions will give you a different perspective on your situation. It will help identify the source and to know if it is related to your current life or another lifetime -if you believe in reincarnation- and the lessons that can be learned from it. It can also determine if the problem or situation is related to an ancestral pattern as well. This information helps you merge your past and your future with the present moment. By accessing the records you can identify, release, and nurture all you have created.

Advanced Pain Relief with Scenar Technology

SCENAR is an abbreviation for the name of the device - Self-Controlling Energy-Neuro-Adapting Regulator or short-pulse electric neuroadaptive reflexological therapeutic stimulator. This is an incredible medical device used for quick pain relief, immune system modulation, reducing inflammation, and more. 


Meditation, sound, and movement have been extensively studied reporting many benefits in stress control, neuroplasticity, immune system, mood enhancement, and mental clarity amongst others, leading to optimal physical health and personal empowerment. These gentle therapeutic exercises can be practiced by everyone, regardless of the fitness level or physical condition, and are a wonderful tool to add to your healing protocol to assist and boost the healing process.

"I am a long-time patient.  I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes, hypothyroidism, and the precursor to pernicious anemia. Over the past 20-years, I have frequented many traditional doctors and specialists alike, all they could do for me was to treat the symptoms with medication and say, “these 

conditions will progress over time”.

The whole time I didn’t realize that the health concern that I was facing was in my mind and emotions, not my physical body.  The body was just a receptacle for all the internal noise that was going on.
The first visit with Dr. Maria I knew that things were different; her approach in helping patients to understand the cause of what the bodily symptoms are presented is unprecedented. She works with the inner reaches of the psyche through, Akashic Records readings, Harmonyum® healing, and Naam meditation to help melt the blockages that are causing the conditions.  Not too long ago, I would have been a skeptical disbeliever, but now I am walking evidence that the science that Dr. Maria uses works!
For those that “truly” wish to heal, you’ve come to the right place!"


Energy Healing with Harmonyum® 

Harmonyum® raises and restores the body’s rate of vibration, which enhances the body's ability to regulate immune functions so those self-healing mechanisms can kick into gear, diminishing the cycle of disease.

"Dr. Maria's treatment is very illuminating and insightful. Her wisdom will help you bring light to the unseen factors affecting your comprehensive health and well being. In addition, she will give you practical tools and methodologies to help you heal yourself while guiding you through the process." 


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