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New Flowers

DharmaGaia Integrative Medicine is a gem. To have the opportunity to be seen by a Doctor that brings into consideration all levels of well-being goes beyond words. I can't thank DharmaGaia enough for being the best provider I have ever encountered. Thumbs up!


Dr. Mariana has an excellent way of finding out deep-rooted issues that affect your health. She has good intuition and her sessions were spot on. I strongly recommend her.


Dr. Mariana at DharmaGaia Integrative Medicine is such a BLESSING in my life. She has vast expertise and a wealth of information. Her loving commitment helps me every day along my path of wellness and healing. 


Dr. Solangel is one of the best doctors I could have ever found. For the last 5 years, my body has been failing, being diagnosed by 6 different doctors with 7 different chronic illnesses with endless amounts of prescriptions, thousands of dollars in medical expenses, and no positive results.


I was depressed, hopeless and wondered if I'd ever find myself happy in my body ever again. After consulting with her, I was ecstatic at her ability to listen to my concerns. She has a wonderful and kind demeanor and presents healing in a very positive way.


Dr. M's integrative approach to health and wellness is one I never knew possible. I look and feel healthier than I have in over 5 years! I have a new perspective on life and am so grateful for her wonderful guidance and help.


"Since our last session I feel lighter, sort of how you feel when you lose 10 lbs, I am less tired if that makes sense! I've had all these "strange but wonderful" happenings. Thank you! "



Last year, I sought out Dr. Mariana for several health issues. I had tried just about every aspect of healing, doctors, and medications to help me with Hypothyroidism, Adrenal Fatigue, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and many other symptoms that followed a rapid weight gain. I have always been in great shape and couldn’t fathom this incredible weight gain (80lbs in less than a year) that consumed my life and spirit. No matter what I ate or did to work out, the weight would not come off. As a matter of fact, it just kept coming on.


I was exhausted, depleted, stressed, and depressed. After an amazing consultation, she recommended the Liver Flush. With Dr. Mariana’s guidance, I started the Liver Flush and did it for 10 days.


The results that I experienced were amazing. I could automatically feel my body’s emotional response was resistant to the change I was about to experience, and I knew there was much work to be done.


After a few days of the flush, I noticed a huge difference in my skin, my hair, and my level of energy, and I began to release much of the emotional garbage I had repressed and stored away. With each day,  I continued to heal and feel better.


Within 40 days of the flush, I lost 20 pounds and, to date, have lost 40 pounds. I feel amazing; my head is clear, my clothes fit, and I am the happiest I have ever been. I feel so much better, not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually as well.


I am so grateful for Dr. Mariana and the liver flush.


"Dr. Solangel is my "dream doctor" come true :)

I am truly grateful to the spirit for placing her on my path. I was searching for her and the Universe responded<3 I completely agree with all her healing and treatment modalities. One that I've been fortunate to experience since Dec 2016, is Harmonyum healing. After a couple of sessions, I've felt extremely peaceful and at peace, more empathetic, I feel my love vibration is up with the stars, feel more connected to nature and the divine, I almost feel like my insides are being regenerated, I feel protected and loved, I highly recommend Dr. M if and when you are ready to start the journey of true healing in your life. XXXOOO.



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