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Your body is a combination and a perfect balance of different layers.

The physical layer is the one you can see and touch.

The energetic layers are an essential component of your being and have been taken for granted in the traditional Western medicine approach.

These other layers are complex to see with the naked eye but can be photographed with unique cameras.

They are part of your electromagnetic field and are interconnected with your energy centers/chakras, regulating the flow of universal energy into and out of the body.

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The energy lines (meridians) and centers form an intricate energy net connecting all the layers of your body.

These are used in Chinese medicine (acupuncture) and energy healing. The first layer of energy is called the etheric body, which surrounds your physical body like a glove.

The layer of energy manifested as emotions is called the emotional body; it responds through your feelings and deals with matters of the heart; this layer is connected with your endocrine and nervous system, which translates the emotions into physical symptoms.

The mental body is the energy layer connected with your thought process. Everything you do and think becomes part of your memory. The memory can be conscious or unconscious, and your body will remember things your conscious mind can forget.


The autonomic nervous system is composed of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which stimulates excitement, and the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which promotes relaxation. Robust health is contingent upon these two systems working in harmony because they coordinate the functions of all your organs.


The stress of our modern lifestyle tends to overstimulate the SNS-most music, news, movies, stimulant beverages, and work conditions promote a state of hyper-alertness, which causes an increase in the acid production of the stomach and blood pressure, to mention a few. In turn, The PNS becomes less active than it should be, making relaxing very difficult.


Moreover, the bodily functions that the PNS is supposed to support, such as digestion and assimilation of nutrients, general repair and rejuvenation, breathing, blood circulation, and sleep, are weakened. The body is more prone to disease when the SNS is dominant over a long period. 


The diverse  techniques   offered  at   DharmaGaia enhance   your body's healing,
regenerative and restorative mechanisms, strengthening the PNS for a healthy equilibrium in the autonomic nervous system, and from there, your whole well-being.

Breathing Technique
Reconnecting to Source
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Brain trnasparent.png

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