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Wellness at Your Reach

Be Your Own Coach and achieve
Well-Being  rooted in the balance of
At Your Own Pace.

Home study programs carefully designed to be an enjoyable yet profound experience that engages different parts of your brain to facilitate the completion of your goals.

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On the Go.

Suitable for your individual needs. Discover a comprehensive resource with audiovisual, interactive content that allows you to learn at your own pace from literally anywhere.


Great for the skeptic who has tried many methods before


For those who are not
familiar with technology.

Great Value

A wise investment for every budget

Learn with Dr. Mariana 

Join the exclusive community and get access to new courses every month. Learn and practice the most effective techniques to achieve long-lasting effects. Move from information to transformation by mastering the laws of quantum physics, your natal blueprint, and the best use of supplements, herbs, and integrative medicine techniques. Enjoy monthly Q&A sessions.

What Subjects Are  Covered?

Quantum Md

Learn to apply the principles of quantum physics in a practical way to create long lasting change.

Integrative Md

Master the basics about supplements and holistic techniques to support your overall health.

Md Astrology

Navigate the astrological & environmental  influences to improve your emotional and physical health.

iOS Upgrade

Unleash your brain's 

potential,  remove what's holding you back. Learn meditation and relaxation techniques on the spot.

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