You hold in your body individual and collective memories, reflected as emotional and thought patterns like, depression, fear, disempowering thoughts, traumas, stress, beliefs, etc. These patterns can cause physical, mental, and emotional disturbances. When you identify these energy patterns in a timely manner you can start implementing long-lasting change and healing. 


It’s essential that you deal with the deeper meaning of your illnesses. Your body talks to you. Many physical symptoms are a reflection and can be aggravated by emotional states.  Let's take anxiety for example, for acidity. If you heal the emotional pattern that creates anxiety, your acid production will eventually decrease. If you don't, your acid production will continue. Now, it's important for you to understand that the antiacid medications used to relieve the pain, don't actually heal the emotional root of the acidity and are merely treating a physical symptom. Such medications seem fairly harmless but can cause adverse reactions when used for extended periods of time. Some of these adverse effects include colitis, hepatic impairment, headache, diarrhea, and even pancreatitis. 


You can become an active participant in your healing process. Without personal change, your subconscious mind can eventually create other problems leading you back to the source that caused the disease in the first place. 


At DharmaGaia we explore the psychological origins of your condition and implement techniques to help you overcome these patterns.

Let's breathe together!
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