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Yogatherapy with Naam Yoga®

Meditation, sound, and movement have been extensively studied reporting many benefits in stress control, neuroplasticity, immune system, mood enhancement, mental clarity, and more, leading to optimal physical health and personal empowerment.

Naam Yoga therapies® provide harmony, balance, and resilience promoting optimal health and wellness. The practice of Naam Yoga boosts the body's inherent capacities of healing and restoration. The benefits of these exercises can be seen not only at the cellular level but also felt during and after the classes as a rush of energy and general well being.  The masterful combination of breath, movement, and the use of sound vibration facilitates the activation of the higher centers of the brain and the nervous system revitalizing and enhancing the cognitive functions and general performance.


A customized Naam Yoga® Therapies healing protocol is offered as part of DharmaGaia's therapeutic plan for those who wish to explore its multiple benefits. Naam Yoga® is for everyone of all ages, levels of fitness, flexibility and experience. Gentle stretching, breathing exercises, hand massage, and/or a more active practice will be part of a fun, life changing experience.


Private and group classes are available. 

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