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If you have tried many different methods for healing to find that they don't work or work only for a short period of time, you will find my Yes, I Can do This! Free Guide is extremely helpful. ​This guide has been designed for one of my courses but I am gifting it to you as a welcome and a taste of my approach.
You will notice that this method may be quite different from many things you may have tried in the past. This material contains key principles specifically designed to help you, even when nothing else seems to work... and exactly how to do it.
This set of tools and healing therapies are the result of years of learning, testing, and observing. They take into consideration the majority of the factors that may have contributed to any ailment or need and aim to treat the root causes and to make change stick! True Healing begins with YOU...
The 5 practical resources in this guide are designed to help you overcome one of the main obstacles between you and the health you deserve through the activation of specific areas on your brain and your autonomous nervous system. This is just the beginning but as in everything else in life, when you take the first step and head toward a specific goal, half of the work is done.
One last thing… Starting and changing brain patterns is hard work. It's challenging and can be scary and often overwhelming. You will notice self-defeating and self-sabotage patterns coming up, don't give up, and identify procrastination as a gentle tap on the shoulder saying: One day or day one. You decide.
Be gentle with yourself on this journey. Do your best on the exercises, take great care of yourself. While some breakthroughs will occur immediately, you'll need to be disciplined over time to develop and maintain your new habits.
The most important thing for you to do is stay engaged and trust the process.
This program works wonders as long as you get into it and do what it takes. 

Yours in Health, Wholeness, and Happiness,


                                                   Dr. Mariana


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