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The courses are fun and practical! I’ve been applying the techniques and they have served me well.
My insomnia is gone! I fall asleep very quickly without realizing it!

Luciano Pavan, Violinist


Great for the skeptic who has tried many methods before


For those who have a hard time shutting off the mind chatter at night

Great Value

A wise investment for every budget

Master the various tools for self-empowerment and self-healing. 
Achieve your goals and live your best life. 



Improve your life and enjoy all the benefits

of a healthy mind, body, and soul balance.

You Can Be Your Best Health Coach!


I'm a new paradigm doctor with years of experience, and I believe in self-empowerment above all. Therefore, my courses will support you in going beyond the traditional model, so you can learn and adopt holistic techniques while keeping an eye open for spam miracle cures. 



What is the only constant thing in life? Change.



It's hard to keep up. One day you hear that studies have determined the dangers of coffee, for example, and a few months later, another study says it is good for you!


Not to mention the influx of new practitioners, healers, coaches, online resources, supplements, and techniques.



How do you choose, especially when dealing with something as precious as your health?



The Integrative Medicine offered at DharmaGaia supports you while you surf the waves of ongoing change and information in health. It's here to help you apply the best of both worlds to your benefit and to empower you while regaining the role of the most critical player in your game.


At DharmaGaia, you can explore and choose the best options for your health, including not only what's trending but considering your very individual needs, preferences, and physical uniqueness. Use the complementary techniques you love without interfering or interacting with ongoing medical treatment.



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