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If you have tried many different methods to get rid of insomnia only to find that they work only for a short period of time, you will find my Yes, I can sleep guide extremely helpful. ​
You will notice that this approach is quite different from many things you may have tried in the past. This material contains key principles specifically designed to help you, even when nothing else seems to work… and exactly how to do it.
We all have had (or are having) the experience of getting stuck in habitual ways of thinking and acting. Frequently, we would like to change such patterns, but find that we are repeating the same old story, even when it doesn’t feel good or does not help insomnia, for example. Given the neuronal connections between different parts of the brain that result from neurons in one wiring to those in another, our habitual responses become hardwired.

The 5 practical resources in this guide are designed to help you overcome one of the main obstacles between you and the restorative sleep you deserve through the activation of specific areas on your brain and your autonomous nervous system.


This is one of the reasons why the methods I use at DharmaGaia have been featured on CNN and Telemundo  and why I’ve been able to help many people.


The set of tools and healing therapies used at DharmaGaia are the result of years of learning, testing, experiencing and observing. They take into consideration the majority of the factors that may have contributed to the insomnia and aim to treat the root causes.
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