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Are you looking for long-lasting healing?
Do you have a physical or mental condition that needs to be addressed differently?
Do you need to remove a discouraging repetitive pattern?
Are you feeling somehow stuck?
  • Unleash your healing potential

  • Reprogram your cellular memory

  • Crank up your restorative powers

  • Remove detrimental patterns 

  • Upgrade your wellbeing

  • Boost your immune system and confidence

    …in the comfort of your own home and without starting another medication.

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14 Weeks to Liftoff: Transformative Pathways!
The Master's Journey

Yes, you are a master who has decided to leave it all behind, to forget almost everything you have learned, and start anew.

Welcome to your journey!

                                              Dr. Mariana Solangel, MD

An audiovisual, interactive platform that allows you to learn at your pace from the comfort of your own couch.

Reassemble your life and get from where you are to where you decide to be in 16 weeks:​

  • Rearranging your energy field.

  • Upgrading your mental blocks and releasing and healing sabotaging unconscious programs. 

  • Get unstuck and create tangible results.​​

Get access to a solid toolkit to shift you to the next level!

"I was in a place where there were a lot of repeating patterns, victimhood and lot of anger. I can see tremendous shifts in who I am in both my emotional IQ and my prevailing emotions. After 2 months the shift is astounding, I still get angry about some things  but now I know how to discern.  "

The Master's Journey
Medical Astrology
The Akashic Records
Why Integrative Medicine
The Master's Journey Hero Path
Master's Journey Healing Path
Master's Journey Healer Path
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