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What's The SC?

"Subconscious (SC)" to refer to a deeper part of the mind that Dolores Cannon believed held vast knowledge and information beyond what the conscious mind could access.

According to Cannon's teachings, the Subconscious is a part of every individual's higher self or soul that exists beyond the physical body. During the sessions, we guide clients into a deep hypnotic state where they could access their Subconscious aspect of themselves. This Subconscious then communicates through the client, providing insights, guidance, and healing.

The SC is not limited by time or space and has access to information about past lives, future events, and spiritual truths.

In the second half of the sessions the we call upon the SC which then will help individuals exploring their past lives, understanding their current life challenges, and healing deep-seated emotional and physical issues.

The SC plays a central role in accessing higher wisdom, the unified field of consciousness, and understanding the deeper aspects of the self and the universe.

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