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Everything Is Alive!

From many regressions, I heard the SC saying that everything, even inanimate objects or animals, are all energy and part of the evolutionary steps. Therefore, it is important for us as humans to connect to everything such as molecules, all the elements, all is alive. Is there anything else that you'd like to share regarding that?

It is all energy, all there is, is collective energy manifesting in different forms. Yes, loving and appreciating it all, and as you focus on that wonderful and delightful thing about this reality, we want you to know that nothing is static, everything changes, and it all can change very quickly. 

When you realize these forms, shapes can change, and that you are tapping into different realities in a sense where something else exists, this is how things appear out of thin air. You are tuning to a different reality where something else exists and bringing it into the current reality "of your current reality". Your first version, and this is powerful, powerful knowing, and you, are experiencing it more and more. It is happening in places where there's a lot of energy, there's so much summoning, where these mystical experiences happen, there are many places like this. Currently, there is also an expectation that mystical things are happening, and people are experiencing it more and more, and it will become more and more normalized as it is not even mystical, as it will be part of the normal.

It's what's true and real; It is all possible; it is all probable.

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