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Mind Power Law of Attraction Workshop

Have you ever been overwhelmed by thoughts that you know are not serving you?


Do you ever wonder how certain events in your life may have been different had you not kept thinking about something you could not avoid?


Would you like to know where these strong and seemingly uncontrollable thoughts come from and what you can do about them?


Have you practiced the LOA principles and would like to get better at focusing on new thoughts?

I will share practical and fun ways to step into your “Power” as the master of your brain. The information will provide you with great tools to successfully navigate your emotions and take control of your thoughts and your life! 

You’ll discover: 

• How your brain works and how to activate its power to create the life you want.

• Practical tips to decompose recurrent thoughts.

• How to master your emotional guidance.

• A daily practice to manifest change.

• Breathing techniques to support the creation of new neuropathways. 

• The best meditation technique that suits your needs and how to achieve a steady practice.


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