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Why DharmaGaia?

Dharma is what we have to give. It is our responsibility or contribution to the environment and to our higher self in order to improve our personal development. Dharma is part of our personal mission in life. When we work on our self- empowerment, we find it easier to connect to our purpose. It has been demonstrated that people who are aligned with their purpose and do what they love become happier, healthier, and even more productive and prosperous. 


When you remember your connection to your planet Gaia and become more conscious about your acts and decisions, you realize how they can have a strong impact not only on your health but also on your mood. With that awareness, you can contribute immensely. Everything, even the smallest step taken to create a positive outcome, will honor and develop your own dharma. 


Guess who's got the best pharmacy we could ever find? Our mother Gaia or planet earth! Going back to the basics and using the powerful healing tools offered by nature is one of our main goals. We promise to offer natural, effective, less-invasive interventions whenever possible.




Integrative Medicine, healing, cellular memory


Your best health coach!


Enjoy a partnership with a new paradigm doctor with years of experience who will support you and will go beyond the traditional model, opting for less invasive, natural techniques as possible, while keeping an eye open for spam miracle cures. Learn more.



What is the only constant thing in life? Change.



It's hard to keep up. One day you hear that studies have determined the dangers of coffee, for example, and a few months later another study says it is actually good for you!


Not to mention the influx of new practitioners, healers, coaches, online resources, supplements, and techniques.



How do you chose, especially when dealing with something as precious as your health?



The Integrative Medicine offered at DharmaGaia is here to support you while you surf the waves of ongoing change and information in health. It's here to help you apply the best of both worlds to your own benefit and to empower you while regaining the role of the most important player in your game.


At DharmaGaia we will help you explore and choose the best options for your health including not only what's trending but considering your very individual needs, preferences, and physical uniqueness. Use the complementary techniques you love without interfering or interacting with any ongoing medical treatment. Extensive research is available documenting the benefits of the complementary techniques offered at DharmaGaia.

Integrative medicine Florida, healing mind and body

Why Self Healing?

Illness presents itself as a result of a combination of factors. The causes of disease can be found in your genetic code, environmental influences, diet, lifestyle, emotional & mental manifestations, and more.


In general, illness is a message from your wise body, saying: “Wait a minute: something is not right. Listen to me”.


Your body is a combination and a perfect balance of different layers. The physical layer is the one you can see and touch. The energetic layers are a very important component of your being and have been taken for granted in the traditional western medicine approach. These other layers are difficult to see with the naked eye but can be photographed with special cameras. They are part of what is called your electromagnetic field and are interconnected with your energy centers, regulating the flow of energy into and out of the body. The energy lines (meridians) and centers form an intricate energy net connecting all the layers of your body. These are used in Chinese medicine (i.e. acupuncture) and energy healing.                


You hold in your body individual and collective memories, reflected in behavior and mental patterns. These mental patterns, consist of disempowering thoughts, traumas, stress, beliefs, etc.  Healing these energy patterns in a timely manner can prevent them from manifesting as illness and disease. At DharmaGaia we will help you to listen to yourself, recognize and heal these memories and patterns. Why? Because without real personal change, your subconscious mind will eventually create another situation to lead you back to the source that originally caused the disease.


An important role as a physician is to steer you up in the direction you need to regain your own power. You will be given invaluable information about the possible factors contributing to the root cause of your condition and help to ride with ease the waves of your mind, body, and emotions, so you can rediscover your path to health and wellness.


Integrative Medicine, healing, cellular memory
Integrative medicine Florida, healing mind and body
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