How To Achieve The Best Sleep Ever!

Beat insomnia NOW with this awesome  training guide created to help you get the sleep that you are dreaming of.


Improve your sleep and add all the benefits of a restorative time-out for your brain and your entire body.

Sleep deprivation has been linked to multiple chronic conditions including auto-immune diseases, high blood pressure, cardiovascular and hormonal problems, just to mention a few. It has also been associated with brain fogginess and lost work performance. I like to imagine a world without hormonal imbalances, chronic pain/inflammation, depression/anxiety disorders, and the current neurological decline with age, all  aggravated by the chronic lack of restorative sleep.


Can you foresee the world where there are no more thyroid or weight problems, no more women struggling to get pregnant, men fighting against erectile dysfunction, a world without anxiety, depression, exhaustion or insomnia?

This course will help you to improve your sleep patterns, and of course, feel better and better, achieving the wellness you deserve.

Within Your Reach

Discover an amazing resource with audiovisual, interactive content that allows you to learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own couch.

A program carefully designed to be an enjoyable yet profound experience that engages different parts of your brain to facilitate the completion of your goals.


Great for the skeptic who has tried many methods before


Easy to use, understand and


Great Value

A wise investment for every budget

This e-course will provide you with important tools to so you can achieve the restful, restorative, amazing sleep you have been waiting for.



"Dr. Mariana's sleep program was unique to any program I have ever taken before.  I have participated in numerous health and wellness programs and have attended numerous seminars focused on getting a good night's sleep. What made this program uniquely different and most importantly effective was it truly went to the root of the situation.  For most people endless mind chatter is what keeps us up at night.  And regardless of what someone thinks the barrier to good sleep is, Dr Maria will show you that getting a good night's sleep often times comes down to recognizing daily habits that sabotage your ability to get the restful sleep you so desire. Once she shows you how to identify and change these counterproductive rituals, she will then show you how to create new neural pathways, with new empowering habits.  Getting results is not an overnight process, but very few things in life are.  If you are persistent, you will literally retrain your brain.  I’m in week 3.  I still wake up sometimes, but I’m falling back asleep more easily.  But the best part is even though my sleep is still sometimes interrupted, I'm getting a deeper more peaceful rest. Thanks, Mariana!" 

—  Lance MikkelFounder of Modernizing You 


Eat, Sleep

& Love

Is your current lifestyle the cause of your insomnia?

 Supplements, herbs, oils, and other sleeping aids for the most restful sleep.  

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Here's what you'll get on each step:


      1. 3 weeks of interactive self-learning content designed by Dr. Maria 

           5 modules, 14 sessions (value $500)


      2. Unlimited access to the online streaming videos (value $199)

      3. Downloadable interactive PDFs "Power-Forms" (value $99)


      4. Bonuses (value $21)


This is a total value of $819. But you’ll pay less than 1/10th of that price.


Taming The Wild Horses



Master powerful techniques to put your mind and your body to rest.

Bringing Zen to your daily life in less than 3 minutes.  

  Bonus: Healthy Dreamer Journal






Enjoy the benefits of steps 1 and 2 and triumph over the most common causes of insomnia. 



Bonus: Healthy Dreamer Journal & The Happy Dreamer Shopping List