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Tip of the week 


Drink more hot water. Hot water, facilitates liver and kidney function while flushing toxins out of the body. As the body maintains it’s temperature, the energy required to perform many functions is saved and used more effectively for digestive, immune and balancing processes. A cup of water in the morning is excellent for the skin and to avoid constipation.

Giving Thanks

Hug Power

It's hugging time!


Scientific studies have demonstrated many of the benefits of hugging, including lowering blood pressure, boosting the immune system, fighting depression and more. The stimulation of the vagus nerve through the skin receptors, the increase of oxytocin, and decrease of cortisol levels, allow the body to switch into a restorative mode, so needed during these stressful times. So, keep on hugging for a wonderful and healthy holiday season. (Hugs should be at least ten seconds long and have no know contraindications ☺)

New Year's Goals

But wait, I do want to set goals!


Ok, how can you make sure to turn your goals into reality? The first step is to examine your thoughts, words and attitude. Several scientific studies have shown that these 3 powerful tools can modify the outcome of a disease and even alter your genes. So, even with the best of intentions and clear goals (for instance 2013's resolutions), if you have caught yourself having disempowering thoughts, not truly believing in yourself and not really being able to visualize yourself having achieved your goal, this will have a negative impact on your likelihood of success. NOW is the perfect time to work on this.

Let's talk about Radiation

Radiation in my basement?

Yes! Every day and all over the world we are exposed to radiation. Ionizing radiation effects ranging from cell damage to more serious conditions like cancer and death are directly proportional to the amount of exposure.The background ionizing radiation comes mostly from a radioactive gas called Radon. This gas emanates from the ground, is in the air we breathe and tends to collect in places like the basement as it's heavier than air. Cosmic radiation comes from outer space and is deflected by the earth's electromagnetic field. The intensity of in-flight radiation is a function of altitude, latitude and time. There's also a bit of radiation in the food, water, cigarettes and building materials.

Fall in love with YOUR heart

♥ Moderation and consistency, not deprivation and binging, is what is needed.

How do you feel after vacation? Some people wait for their time off to "take care of themselves", have fun and relax which is sometimes associated with binge drinking, over eating and poor sleep.

It's better if you start including small daily steps and be consistent rather than doing nothing, or doing something once a month.


♥ A big component of a healthy life depends on the capacity to identify the self-sabotaging patterns and excess behaviors, that tend to be frequent when we are young. You reap what you sow. Your heart and your body will thank you for it.


We live in a vibrational universe and are vibrational beings. Our fluid-filled cells vibrate continuously at their own unique resonant frequency. Our bodies act like big resonators, responding to the vibrational patterns inside and around us.


For the last couple of years I've been extensively studying the clinical applications of sound, including specific frequencies per organ, system and condition. I'm happy to be one of the few physicians using Sound Therapy for healing, it's a very effective and easy technique you can do anywhere.

It's all about the waves

Your precious Eyes

I had a very mild astigmatism and supposedly, needed glasses to watch TV and to drive. I used the prescription glasses for a few days, my eyes got used to them very quickly. I noticed how the accommodation was getting slower, my eyes were getting lazy. I decided to do some eye exercises everyday religiously and my vision improved. I did not need the glasses for years. Not so long ago, I started doing the exercises again, plus some new techniques I've learned. It really works!


Give it a try and let me know your results!


1. Avoid squinting! (Could not help using that awesome shot)

Notice if you are doing it in order to see or focus better and blink a few times instead, touch your forehead to consciously relax your facial muscles and your eyes.

Would you like to look younger? Very often we see advertising on products that claim to have the ability to make people younger. Today, I begin to share with you the first issue of several that will include some of the best kept secrets on anti aging therapies.


As you can see in this picture, stretching exercises are highly beneficial as they stimulate the energy meridians that run throughout the body. One of the best techniques I practice is Shakti Naam. This type of yoga can be practiced by anyone regardless of fitness or elasticity level and is great for the heart, lungs, meridians, as well as one of the best kept secrets for anti aging.


Some of the best antiaging techniques

When you smile and are compassionate and empathetic, your brain secretes oxytocin, the "love hormone" that allows you to have improved sleep, health, and social skills. You also benefit from an overall sense of well being directly reflected in your skin and body. It also helps to greatly reduce addictive cravings!


Wear your smile everyday and see what happens. At the beginning it may feel silly, but the more you do it, the more you will notice its uplifting effects on you. Go on and smile, even when you don't feel like doing it. Send the message to your brain, telling it that all is good!

The power of a smile

Think about the most wonderfully advertised anti wrinkle lotion. The ad says your skin will look like the model's- flawless. Think about the brushed and photo shopped pictures and the probable use of primates for testing. Now read the label… a bunch of ingredients you cannot even pronounce including, phenoxyethanol, red 4 and yellow 5. 


If you use regular cosmetic products, you are exposed to hundreds of ingredients every day that have been linked to everything from skin irritation and rashes to reproductive toxicity and many more. Estrogen-like synthetic chemicals (this also goes for my male subscribers) seen in preservatives like parabens, have been studied for causing earlier onset of puberty, obesity, diabetes, depression, erectile dysfunction, gynecomastia and even breast cancer.

Chemicals, chemicals

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