Fine Tuning Your Brain

To Create Your Dream Life!

Do you wonder why certain events keep happening to you? 

Do you feel that you are actually attracting the opposite of what you really want?

Do you have a body condition or feel like there is a void that you cannot seem to fulfill

Step into your “Power” as the master of your brain

This course will provide you with the tools to successfully navigate your emotions and take control of your thoughts to create your dream life!

Within Your Reach

Discover an amazing resource with audiovisual, interactive content that allows you to learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own couch.

A program carefully designed to be an enjoyable yet profound experience that engages different parts of your brain to facilitate the completion of your goals.


Great for the skeptic who has tried many methods before


Easy to use, understand and


Great Value

A wise investment for every budget


"Mariana’s class is nothing short of amazing!"

"Mariana has been able to translate the laws of energy and spirituality into a class that explains them in the way we all can understand them and relate to them. For many years I have been looking for a class like this, the perfect bridge between science and spirituality. Mariana presents in her class examples that describe learned behaviors that don’t serve us and how to change them so we can live a better and fulfilled life. In combination with the law of attraction that Mariana also explains and applies in her class, Mariana is able to offer us the key to limitless manifestation."

"Thank you, Mariana, for this amazing gift."

Patricia Davila

Owner of Destiny Healer

Get access to your lifetime interactive, self-learning

content designed by Dr. Mariana: 

5 modules, 17 lessons tailored to

provide an enjoyable experience that will allow

you to learn at your own pace.


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