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Blueprinting your inner life



This practical information about your attributes, challenges, planetary influences, and personal cycles will give you the key to unlocking an unlimited realm of possibilities for growth and healing. Explore and understand not only personal but also family interactions, patterns, and tendencies.



This type of consultation is a one-on-one counseling session rooted in the laws of nature and the mathematics of life, designed to take anyone, anywhere, in any situation, from fate to destiny. It will help you address the very source of the obstacles standing between your present and a more fulfilled YOU. 


Knowledge is power!


This type of consultation is ideal for those who are beginning to understand about unseen circumstances and influences, as a stepping stone for an Akashic Records reading and for those who would like to have a more practical approach to a given situation.

What would I get from it? 

You will get specific action items to find your way and live at your fullest potential, and useful, feasible tools to overcome challenges and influences described during the session.



Session 1


• A practical understanding of your planetary influences reflecting on your personality, tendencies, daily thoughts, and patterns. Put your strengths at your service while surfing through your daily life and health challenges with ease.



Session 2


• Your life-long and yearly numerical vibration that influences your life and affairs as you go through time and space.

• Information about the planetary influence that rules your professional and work-related matters.

• Details about the best timing and scenarios to support your goals. 



Session 3


• Planetary influences ruling a relation- or partnership and how it can reflect in your personality, tendencies, daily thoughts, and patterns. This session is particularly helpful to understand and overcome family and relationship dynamics and issues.




Don't live in Miami- South Florida? No worries! 


You can still enjoy the benefits of this consultation and connect with the doctor via the internet from the comfort of your own home or office- nationwide access.

My blueprinting session with Maria shed so much light on what I need to continue to move forward. Being a person aware of herself, everything resonated profoundly and I knew this was wise counseling coming from a place of the highest good for all. The thing that most affected me, however, was when she shared my essence. Having someone acknowledge and speak to that side of myself that I have been so in touch with all my life but was so personal was incredible and knowing that the blueprint could be meditated upon for my further evolution was something simple yet life-changing.


I recommend it to anyone who is interested in knowing more about themselves, how they relate to the universe, and how to further develop their lives.




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