Dr Mariana Solangel, M.D. (Former Dr. Manzanares)

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Hi!  I'm Dr. Mariana Solangel, M.D., the founder and medical director of DharmaGaia, it's a pleasure to have you here.


While I was an Assistant Professor of Radiology at the University of Miami, I never thought that my life was going to change so much, however, I had an epiphany.  There I was, diagnosing several patients with cancer every day, going through that life-changing experience with these amazing people and their family members, and I realized that the deep motivation that led me to study medicine in the first place, was somehow, unfulfilled. You see, while radiology offers a very refined set of tools to diagnose and treat disease,  I was ready not only to diagnose but to offer the best techniques for true healing while taking into consideration the human being as a whole.



I have traveled and studied extensively to offer a range of modalities for well-being and to treat all kinds of physical and emotional ailments. My ultimate goal is to boost the extraordinary capacities inherent to all human beings, providing healing of the mind, body, and spirit.


I became a Naam Yoga® Therapies instructor in the U.S. before I moved to France where I studied the psychological origins of disease and advanced therapy for pain relief with Scenar technology. As a skeptical scientist, I also began exploring the benefits of energy healing, becoming a Reiki master, followed by Saint Germain’s Violet Flame practitioner in France, topping it all off with Harmonyum® Biometaphysical Medicine in the USA.


I had the blessed opportunity to spent 2 years in California studying next to one of my greatest teachers, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry,  the founder of Naam Yoga®. I learned about the benefits and the medical application of the combination of movement, breath, and sound vibration in a simple, yet powerful, yoga practice that can be done by everyone regardless of fitness level, age, creed, or flexibility.


My fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona (the most prestigious integrative medical education center in the world) with another of my wonderful teachers, Dr. Andrew Weil, was the icing on the cake.  This healing-oriented medicine that approaches the energetic, emotional, and physical components of the human being, is in total alignment with my deep calling as a doctor. Through the use of therapies, both conventional and alternative, I'm happy to offer that which will facilitate the body’s (and mind) innate healing response based on good science, but open to new paradigms, using natural, effective, less-invasive interventions whenever possible.

My wish is to keep spreading a healing wave around the globe while bringing awareness to the importance of our connection to our own purpose (Dharma) and a harmonious relationship with our planet (Gaia).

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I spend my time doing what I love which is working with my patients and offering workshops and education all around the globe.


What to expect

Sit and relax in a friendly, warm environment where your doctor listens to your needs and works with you to find the best options for healing and wellbeing. I'm your own personal coach with years of experience, who will help you use the complementary techniques you love without interfering with any ongoing medical treatment. Discover a new paradigm doctor who will go beyond the traditional model and will opt for less invasive, natural techniques as much as possible, while keeping an eye open for spam miracle cures.



DharmaGaia Integrative Medicine has been created to serve YOU! To empower and support you and your journey to a healthy life and an amazing well-being.


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